Friday, June 13, 2008

Found this in my magazine's and books.

Yep,that's right. original 1940-1947 Big twin knucklehead shop manual. All pages intact.
smelling the pages when i open it is like going back in time. Although i have a huge love for British bikes, as i have stated before,someday i'll own a Knucklehead. That will be one bike that never gets sold. I wish i could copy all the pages off,but if i bend the the book flat, all the pages are gonna rip right out of it. i remeber picking this up for 18 bucks or something like that. Crazy man....crazy.


By Hand and By Brain said...

thats bitchin- love those old manuals. I will show you my Triumph bonneville manual some time- same thing falling apart, more of a file of pages than a book. might scan it and go...