Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where was the PacMan?

Hit the SOW on Saturday and it was one hell of a drive. 15+ hours on the road in a little less than 24 hours... Stopped by the Foundry Moto booth to check out all thier cool shit and meet the Pacman in person but he was nowhere to be found. I think he's like a Unicorn and can only actually been seen by young ladies of pure virture.


Chico said...

YEAH PAC! i was gettin calls from Doc and your brother? where were you?
probably passed out in some South Pheonix hookers hotel room! BWAHAHAHAHA!

hope you got Doc's message he gave to one of your boys at the booth.

"Doc says hi,Chico Says fuck you!"
of course in a "loving" manner.

somebody was up the night before dusting drinkin all the keg's!

Doc,that caddy rules. i bet you it runs on children's tears.

By Hand and By Brain said...

I found him he was clean and sober racing the mini bikes-Goodman Pac. Cant wait to see the pix.J-

Chico said...

Hey J, answer your damn phone! lol!