Monday, November 17, 2008

We have been flagged...

sensorship-get a life...I thought I would make it official.


luke said...

you have arrived! i second censorship gettin a life. just wonderin, how would one go about gettin their paws on one of those boss 4q shirts. ive got the plain jane one, but that blue one is neato!!

Chico said...


unfortunately,i don't think those will be on the market. Max said there are only a few guys in the States that have one. i believe they are going to Japan.
yes....i have one the blue shirts.....yes,i'm still a kook.
i just got lucky is all.

the censorship gods have frowned on me. i got an email stating that i needed to put a "content warning" on my blog because of bad words,German WW2 stuff and whatever else they shitted out of there mouths to me in the email.
oh well...all i have to say is.....FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK.
i hope they appreciate my good manners.

Doc said...

WTF!?! Gimmie a fuckin' break!

luke said...

right on man. i can live without one. ya get my email? later.

Chico said...

nu uh.
never got one?

try again. my computer might have been drunk or something.