Thursday, December 4, 2008


scrapmetalart said...

you make that RAD sissy????????

Chico said...

no,but it's a good idead.

i actually found it in this older dudes crazy chopper parts pile.
the dude is not really into choppers,so there is an abundance of goodies to be had.
it will be going on the shovel chop....hence why i was looking for a triangle headlight.
trying not to let too many cats outta the bag though.
he's got a few others that are awesome too. i'm gonna go back and get them when i can.
gonna make a couple too.
i scored it for 20 shit.
i absolutely love it.

luke said...

the rabbit comes outta the hole, goes around the tree, and back into the hole. no wait, thats a bowline. i think that sissy is a sheep shank or clove hitch. im hittin the wall with ideas for my new sissy.

luke said...
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luke said...

ive been keepin my ear to the ground on the frame man. hadnt turned anything up yet. ill keep scroungin around. later.

Chico said...

thanks man. much appreciated.

actually,i won't have to sell my bates seat anymore...i guess that all worked out for the better on the board.

i would trade it for a used aftermarket straight leg or wishbone frame if you know anyone with one?
i think that would be a pretty darn fair trade.
the seat is very very nice and we all know how much they are fetching. i sold one for 5 bills not too long ago.
maybe i'll do a blog/trade post thing. think i will.
you looking for a sissybar?
email me.