Monday, December 15, 2008

This tank was at the David Mann show this weekend

i snagged the pic from a dudes photobucket in hopes someone will recognize and know who had this tank for sale at the show. Did it sell? is it still available?
it's the sporty tank with the trippy paint scheme on it in the middle.
if anyone knows,please leave a comment.


BFJosh said...

the tank was at the foundry booth and was gone by the time i got there the yellow cyl. were the give away and the freddy springer for 300 in the background

Chico said...

thanks Josh. appreciate the info.
the tank is gone. i got the word from the foundry dudes.
looks like it was a really good time.
i'll be there next year. plus,it would be nice to go back to my home town (Ventura).

now i'm looking for a frisco'd 2.2 gal. sporty tank

thanks again Josh, i hope you and your family have a good Christmas.

Allen BFC said...