Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vintage Photo

seems like it was copied in 1997 or something.
found it on the web.
i love it.


luke said...

very cool pic chico. i may have expended all of my resources lookin for ya some rails man. the only ones i came across where already allocated for projects. ill keep turnin over rocks though. later.

Chico said...

hey man,i appreciate your help. please don't feel obligated to keep looking man. i'm trying to sell some stuff off to go and just try and get a brand new paughco frame....fuck it.
i do appreciate it though.

hope all is well man.

By Hand and By Brain said...

is that Sturgis? or Daytona...Wish I had those problems...Sturgis or Daytona....?

Chico said...

i think it's somewhere in Cali.

when i stumbled across the photo,it said something about the Boozefighters.
maybe a "certain" someone will chime in on this one.

yeah,i wish i had those problems too.

except mine are," food for the week,or bike part i need really bad?"