Wednesday, January 14, 2009

got out of the house today....

and kinda cleared my head. been stuffed up in mi casa for way too long.
a buddy of mine came by and picked me up.
we took a bunch of back roads through the woods down to the ocean bay.
it was nice....even got to take a crap in some vandalized building.
even though this place depresses me,there is some beautiful country to explore around these parts.
i look forward to riding some of these roads in the summer.


By Hand and By Brain said...

what are you fuckin 'Huel Houser' now-BWAA HAA Just kidding man- hows yer soccer ball? I thought you guys were buried in snow? guess not- news lies. Well since we las spoke I drove to AZ and shot Robby. Yep no more foundry merch-I dont know what to tell ya man- they flak=ity flake flake flake.
Lets make our own shit!

Oh yeah someone stole my Love cycles shit for you outta the truck- kinda stupid since I pretty much know all the dudes who got swag...

'41 is firing saturday....stay tuned-