Monday, January 26, 2009

a little work on the build.

got the bearing cups in finally.
no weight on the front end,so it looks a little funny,as well as the bars not bolted down,and the tank needing to be mounted on the backbone.
still pleased though.
time to rest.


luke said...

killer. you can start a new trend. call it "super frisco". or "uber frisco". which ever. both are equally lame.

Chico said...

thanks...i think i'll go cry on my pillow now.

Ashley said...

I love that the whole build is being done in the kitchen, classy!

Chico said...

LOL! thanks.
care for some lunch?
too poor for a garage and too stubborn to listen to my OL!

By Hand and By Brain said...

dude you going back in time or what...?

luke said...

is j fuckin with ya again??