Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don Hawley.

There isn't much on this man that i could find,but i do know he was an avid triumph guy and won alot of races back in the 50'-60's.
i believe he is survived by his wife that still lives in Long Beach.
kinda felt like this man should be noticed, remembered,and respected as one of the old kings of his time.
here is all i could find of Don Hawley.
the first photo is in Gardena,CA 1956
Don is number 88,while the other rider is Chuck Cove,number 5x.


MUERTE H.C. said...

you can check out Hawleywoods barber shop here in Costa Mesa to... run by his grandson of the same name sake- cool vibe but not "toooo- cool" if you know what I mean.

also check out or
showandgo. blahblahlbah for more

By Hand and By Brain said...

flattrack tonight esse...look for photos.