Thursday, April 2, 2009

part 1 of Heyitsnates "Harman" info

i also thought you would want to know this info....a friend asked me
to help restyle his shovelhead.i mentioned i had the same early
paughco frame,and he said nope-that's a john harman frame.he got the
frame,a motor,.frame jigs and front end jigs from john harmans
daughter when he lived in sacramento.he since has sold the jigs and
motor,but he still has that frame.i think its interesting that most
people dismiss this style of frame assuming its a paughco,but the
truth is that harman made a lot of these stock rake frames.its unclear
who came out with it first. also i think theres a misunderstanding
with the neck gusset.i've heard a lot of people gripe about how it
looks bulky,and this is true if a deep tunnel tank or fat bobs are just looks like a blob of sheetmetal.however,if you are using
a low tunnel or mounting a tank above the top tube it breaks up the
space and looks pretty bothers me when people give an opinion
because they heard someone else's opinion not knowing why the original
person came to that opinion,but thats just my worthless