Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Van. BC trippin

If you ever have the chance to go to Vancouver BC,i highly recommend that you do it.
This city and the people who you meet are top notch.
i arrived a stress ball,and left with a soul that was humbled and happy.
there is a huge bike and music scene there,filled with colorful dirtbags and dirtbag'ets.
iv'e never felt so welcome and happy while visiting another city/country.

my trip in a nut shell:
rock n roll gig at a porn theatre wasted,Ruff Rhonda the E. Van. Hooker,mind melting expieriences, exceptional people and friends,lots of Canadian beer(RULING),pretty women all over the place,lamp shade hat lady,the Astoria Bar(fucking nuts),beautiful weather,BBQ,Kitty the cat,Sam the Carnie,
Dave,Norm,Billy,Jeff,Blaine,that one cute girl,the chineese pizza guy with the after hours beer hookup,Cal(Norms friend),and all the other countless dirtbags that i met but can't remember names. you are all rulers.
Dean....seeing you was long overdue. i apprieciate brutha. your a true friend.

i'm out.


By Hand and By Brain said...

YAY-Chico left his house!!
good to hear you were out raging!

Chico said...

i already miss being there.
such a good time.
nothing but smiles man.

By Hand and By Brain said...

btw-your pictures look better with guitar wolf REAL loud!!!

oh yeah-saw you called-my fon is fried...fix it tomorrow.

scotthn said...

ive loved life ever since i moved here...... glad you dig it!

Chico said...
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Chico said...

Scott, did i meet you while i was up there?
i can't remember everyone and there names.
the beer is KILLER!