Sunday, September 6, 2009


if you ever get the chance to go to Portland,go to this bar: "Kelly's Olympian Bar"
it is amazing and great people who work there.
ask for "Mary" and she'll bust out a book you can take a look at about some of the stuff/bikes that are in this place.
great place and great people.
stop in and say hi if get a chance.

click on the photo's to enlarge.

and the bottom photo,the Legendary "Burnside park"
fuckin awesome.
wish i could have rode it.
next time.


Anonymous said...

I've got a buddy that lives in Portland. Me and the wife might head out there next year for his Oktoberfest party. If we do, I'm def. hitting that bar!!!

Chico said...

if you come out,and i'm still around these parts,let me know.
i'll meet you there!
take you over to burnside as well.

Anonymous said...