Friday, October 9, 2009

from the depths of shadows...

a chopper is being born......less those Z bars.

click photo to enlarge.


Rivet said...

Chingon carnal!!!

lovestory said...

Fuck yes!

By Hand and By Brain said...

Chico-Heya-Looks rockin and cockin-poplockin-just in time for the snowish stuff! cool man-just got the 'wierdo' back on the road-blew the head gasget and bent a valve. I guess I should just race and get it out of my system, instead of constantly rebuilding a mediocre race bike. Oh well its fun.
hows life man? i smashed my finger today-lots of fun there. I have rediscovered George Killians 'Killians Red lager and french films. good combo. hope yer well ans stay off that skate oard if ou plan on being a functioning biker.
word-by hand and by bizanne!!!

luke said...

good things.