Sunday, January 10, 2010


My Buddy Shawn (AJ Fanshaw) From "America's Condom"(Calgary) is looking for some parts.
if anyone has any of these items,please drop him an email.
just as long as they aren't "ass raping" prices.
here be the list feller's:

"Took a quick inventory of the things I need for the pan.

Risers, 1 inch bars not too tall about 2 - 3 inches
Rear fender struts. I have a '70 shovel frame and I'm keeping the swing arm.
Rear wheel. I have a juice drum I want to run so something compatable.
Kicker gears. I currently have an estart cowpie tranny and want to put a kicker on it.
Mag fired kick only seemed to work so well on the Ironhead I thought I'd do it again.
Oil Bag. gotta fit a stock shov frame. "

here be his email addy: