Sunday, February 21, 2010

i'm sorry,i just thought this was too funny


dave herr said...

butt sex.

luke said... bound to bring tears to someones eyes. eventually. its really only a matter of time before at least one, if not both, parties involved breaks down....for one reason or another.

luke said...

what happened to your disgruntled post?? that would be me not mindin my own business. haha. couldnt resist. dont hate me because im an asshole.

Chico said...

No Luke.
i just think this whole chopper "scene" is getting a little out of hand.
alot of people don't remember what is supposed to be about.
sick of the shit talking,baby,status quo crap.
the cool thing is,is that when the whole "scene/trend" thing is over,there will still be the people who were there in the beginning.
it will be a nice day.
but thats just my opinion.

long live Brittany's @#$thole.

luke said...


P.S. the breakdance mix is dope!!!