Saturday, March 13, 2010

Front Street Cycle

there are alot of guys these days making bars,fenders,etc.
But there is one person to me who stands out in the crowd (no offense to anyone else) and that person is Craig (AKA "Scrapmetalart").
iv'e been dealing with Craig for a few years now and i must say his work is top notch.
he may not be the fastest(and neither am i. LOL!),but at the end of the day when you get your part,his work excellence is always top notch.
so if you haven't checked him out,do yourself a favor and do it.
you won't be let down.


dave herr said...

craig does great work.

luke said...

i concur. his fender is one of my favortie parts on my bike!!!

Anonymous said...

Great work and a solid guy.

scrapmetalart said...

Awe geez guys