Friday, March 5, 2010

i may be the only one who thinks this.

i'm sure this will piss some people off,but thats okay. it's not directed towards anyone specifically.

i was thinking a few days ago about runs and shows....or run/shows,etc.
it dawned on me that i don't understand why a run or whatnot has to be sponsored???
a run (or what have you) were never really sponsored back in the 60's/70's? and i'm not talking about all the magazine "sponsored" run bullshit.
it was just a bunch of guys (or clubs) wanting to get all there buddy's together and buddys that lived far together to meet up and ride at different points along the ride(or run).
at the end of the run,they would party,fight,laugh,drink,pass out,drink,laugh,fight,etc.
these days,it feels like i'm at a skate demo. lets face it,there is alot of things that tie the two together...but they are not one in the same 100%.

it almost seems like that these days,nobody is interested in just "getting together" with a bunch of buddys,and buddys of buddys,and so forth,UNLESS there are sponsors.kinda bums me out.
i feel that something has been lost along the way.
yes,times change,but the unseen feeling or soul of something always seems to get lost along the least in my opinion.

i am not specifically critisizing anyone or there shows,runs,whatever.
it's just something i noticed and wonder what happened.
me? this summer (hopefully) i am going to go and make my OWN memories and adventures,with whoever and wherever.
i won't have my hopes up for anything,i'll just go with the flow and make my way.
i urge some of you to do the same.
who knows,you might just dig it.


Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...

I do a lot of these no name low key runs with buddies, but no one hears about them for that reason you stated..we just do it to get the miles on no sponsors, publicity or hype. Just word of mouth meet us here we are laving with or without ya. Man I love to ride, my father and I with a few others have been doing 1,000 mile trip every summer, we try and mix it up and go different directions and routes to mix it up. Good times

Chico said...

thats what i'm talkin about.
sounds fun man.
when we move,i should link up with you.
id'e love to do that.
just go wherever your front end takes you.
thats the life.

luke said...

its the in crowd man. i feel like its a lot of elitest bullshit. like the fucking cool kids table at lunch. i dont know.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda torn on this one, I'm on both sides of the fence. We ride tons and it's just he lets go do this, and I agree that is where the appeal of our thing lies in the wind with your friends.
But we're also doing the "run" thing. I think we use the term sponsors & run loosely & maybe even inappropriately. It's an event that gets local people with like minds & rides on there bikes and out doing it. I look at it as a "local" event that is an alternative to the big events that people may not be able to afford with travel & hotels. As well as a way for indy shops to reach their target customers by giving away some stuff. But if no one gave anything away we'd do it anyway.

I do however agree with you guys some of these "grass roots" deals have taken on the cool kid feel & the ride is second to stroking the egos of the attendees on the internet. And that puts me off just like you.

Chico said...

well put.
i can see what your saying as well.
i guess what i was saying is that people seem to think that if it ain't sponsored,then it ain't shit.that is weak.

i like that this is generating thought and comments.

KFT said...

These idilic runs you're talking about existed before the internet..... just like a warbird taillight only costing $10.

The run we're throwing is sponsored because I dig the companies that are on the roster and having it sponsored helps get the word out via the interweb... oh and I think the idea of having cool shit to give out is fun.

Now, if you are saying that you think it's lame that someone won't come to a run if it isn't sponsored - I agree, it is lame.... but, again, you just assume that the word gets out without some help.

I don't live around a bunch of homies who ride so I decided to organize a run to make the most of the summer........ Maybe it's just a bunch of guys faking cool or maybe we will have some rad times.....

If anyone wants to come to a sell-out sponsored run check us out - haha...........

Love you Chico, even if you think I'm lame.

Maybe I'm lame.

Chico said...

Tim,i love you too.
and yes,i'm lame and could give a shit less. lol!
NOT directed towards you mang.

what i'm saying is that in my opinion,things seem to be getting out of hand in certain area's of this whole thing.

dudes would call each other (maybe even from jail) to get the word out,to travel hundreds or more miles to go on a run or party.

i sometimes feel that this whole thing is way out of control,or kind of heading in a direction that it shouldn't be so to speak.

i guess i just like things simple...or simpler.
with that being said,everyone should check out the flyer above for the run that Tim is putting on,because in my opinion,Tim is a class act and a stand up dude that "GETS IT".
now,if everyone thinks that i'm going to agree with your opinion if you post it,your probably going to be wrong.
this is whats great about our country,we all can have our own opinion.
if you have one,throw it up on here.
if you want to throw up a finger pointing fest or bitch fest,don't bother.
i think we would all like to hear some smart,thought out opinions.

and if anyone would like to sponsor my ride this summer,i'de like it to be McDonalds and liquor stores. :)...that was a joke....a dumb one,but still a joke.

and Tim,if you have a warbird tail light for 10 bucks,i'll take it.

KFT said...

You of all people should understand that if the world isn't cool around you you have to make moves to make it cool....... there's no jail-house calls or homies down the road to ride with for me.... So, I went out and put a run together........ it is sponsored and I'm proud to have something that I dreamt up coming into reality...... the memories won't be 60's-style dreams..... but, honestly most of that shit is idealistic anyways.....

I took come lemons and made lemonade...

Another thing... there's a big difference in giving other guys who make shit for this chopper world that we love to help keep it moving some love... guys who "get it"...... Everyone who is sponsoring the Revenge Run "get's it"..... they are all legit and not just out to trend hump and make a quick buck.... if the world gets to know them better because of me and my run then I'm stoked on that too.

I dig what you're saying but sometimes you have to quit living the dream of yesteryear and live in the reality of today..... and make it all you can.

That's it.............. Oh, and only for the lame biker-bro's........



Chico said...


i'll never live in reality Tim.
you should know that by now.

Chico said...
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Chico said...

you really didn't need to kepp advertising it in your comments.
the flyer is up top.