Friday, January 21, 2011

Before its too late

my soul has been dormant for a century.
my knuckles haven't been white in ages
my knee has a had a good long rest.
my clothes are too clean for happiness.
my kidneys don't feel any pain.
my imagination has not felt the wind in it's face for moons.
my heart has been still in hibernation.
my ruff hands have gone away.
my escape is coming soon.

i need to bleed.
i need to be lost with nature and pavement
i need to smile.
i need to laugh out loud to myself.
i need to brake down.
i need to sleep underneath the heavens.
i need to step out of social line.
i need to have that ONE song stuck in my head for 600 miles.
i need to eat bugs.
i need more memories.

i need to live man....really live.