Tuesday, March 22, 2011


as i get older (old) i find myself learning that the little things we worry about so damn much,aren't that important. Whether it be mistakes that ive made,things i wish i would have done differently,things i wish i would have NEVER done (lol),or just wondering what i should be doing.

When i was younger,it really didnt matter. Skateboarding,bikes and hotrods (still bikes) ruled my young "fuck the man" mind....I guess i still think that way most of the time.

I'm a slow life learner,always have been. Learn every little thing the hard way in all parts and categories of life and what it throws at you.

Now,i'm learning that i am not concerned with alot of things that i used to be concerned with.
Like most that are older (or old. lol), i just want to enjoy myself. if that means being unconventional,so be it. Or maybe i'll join the rat race and crash Wall Street or something...who knows.....and im fine with not knowing.

live your life,have fun doing it. who cares what others think,or what everyone else is doing.
Just do it,and rule it.


Time To Fly said...

Great write up man so fits where i'm at as well! Just live it and have fun doing it!!