Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Kitty Litter",is damn near done.

super excited.
gotta do some tank adjusting.
Monday i'll be on the road.
thanks to everyone for help,use of tools,parts,etc.
you all know who you are.
much appreciated


chris L said...

that bike is way to cool man!!!! Totally Killer. Job well done

Chico said...

Thanks man.
i had alot of help from friends too.
whether it was labor,parts,beer,moral support,immoral support...haha!

i dig it.

chris L said...

cool man!! Yea i really like that bike its perfect. cant say much more thatn that totally perfect

"Mother" said...

looking good man ! one of the nicest 450's around man !

Chico said...

Thanks Brutha. i appreciate it man.
i'll drop you a line soon. been busy as hell.