Friday, February 3, 2012

everyone got there list?

beard: check
vintage selvedge denim vest: check
vintage leather jacket: check
correct boots: check
used vintage tight fitting levis: check
blog "bros": check
hip t-shirt: check
period correct chopper build: check
correct tattoos (covered over the old ones): check
making sure your in the "right" circle: check

well im ready! how about you guys?

p.s: thats not me. wish it was,he's "pretty".


WhitelinePsycho said...

Fucking brilliant !!!

Fatass said...

What about the swastika belt buckle, holmes?

Chico said...

ooooh,a stalker! yes!lol!
just got one for my collection,dawg.

luke said...

id fuck him right in the ass and then call him a fag for gettin fucked in the ass.

Fatass said...

I'm the heckler to the STARS, baby, and you know you're the brightest one.


Chico said...

haha! well,im no STAR,but thanks for stoppin by.
im just another nobody with a bunch fucked,useless,etc. post's on a blog. and sometimes sell some parts.


I like this blog..can we stay..pleeeaaase can weee???? haha!

Chico said...

hell yeah you can stay!
much respect.
give me an email. wanted to ask you something.