Friday, February 10, 2012

"Fuck Your Opinion Friday"

in my opinion,this has got to be one of the ugliest and over priced fender i have ever seen or heard of.
i mean come on guys,if you want something ugly,just go out back and poop all over a flat fender,or better yet a stock slabside shovel fender.

cant we just call them "ugly Frank's Fenders"/ is that cool?
i mean we all have our vices and what we will pay out the nose for or suck a couple or whatever,but jesus,whoever dubbed these things "Bitchin" and we should pay 600 for them,is a genius! he's probably in the cool circle somewhere laughing his "cool" ass off. i would be "hahahaha".
i dont want to hear a bunch of crying about this,nor do i want to hear it being portrayed against the "almighty" Bates seat. at least that old product is ACTUALLY well designed and extremely comfortable.
just my opinion. im sure someone will get butt hurt (because they actually have one and paid top notch for it)and feel insecure. its ok. its just an opinion,and we all know those are like assholes,
love you guys.


Rambler said...


WhitelinePsycho said...

All over it Chico, uglier than shit on a very big stick . . . just cause it's old and "period correct" doesn't make it immune from the hideosity disease, some fuckin idiot will buy it . . as for opinions, I'll say it, some are just flat out wrong, and that's not subject to opinion !!! Love your work, let the bile flow free !!!

Chico said...

lol! thanks man.

Chemical Customs said...

" fugly Franks fender"...