Monday, July 23, 2012

Psycho Trumpet Run: Ride to Mid Ohio

decided to ride the trump to mid ohio swap with a buddy and meet up with a bunch of other dirt bags we know. i was a little hesitant,but said fuck chase truck on the way out,just "friends of the road".
that bitch ran like a champ with no break downs at all on the road. it was a beautiful ride through country i have never seen. we took the long way and went through some amazing little towns and roads in big sky country. fucking awesome.
rain was sketchy,but no accidents. came close a couple times,but that was just from fucking off at 80 MPH.
600 miles round trip.
i have restored faith in this trump. damn good bike.
drank way too much beer,partied with with friends new and old,slayed the swap meet,lost my lunch(and my beer),rode home.
my only complaint.
my ass bone is bruised. choppers are def all about cool and not function,thats for sure.
cant wait to do it again.