Wednesday, July 4, 2012

randoms and fortifying in the "hood"

new sign to help make sure the "locals" mind there own business. the machete,handgun,and axe do a good job too.
got "rustic" on the back wall. hung a new light,and did some ghetto electric work.
damn it feels good to have a garage again.
maybe next year i'll even get cable...or sign up for instagram.....probably not.

so stoked! they are finally tearing down the "projects" next to me. woo hoo! no more ass monkeys kicking holes in my fence to escape the cops with stolen goods falling out of there shirts. thats a plus.


luke said...

nice. garage looks good man. love the back wall.

Tjolkman said...

Good place to be,
where can I find beer?

Tjolkman said...

Nice place,
where can I find a beer?

Chico said...

i know all kinds of good dive bars around here for a cold beer. including my garage.
where are you located?
if your close,stop in and have a cold one on me.