Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Got some hot rod mag's for sale

Getting rid of some stuff that i really don't need. plus,i never really look at them anymore.
Usually,i'm a horder about this kind of stuff,knowing later,it will be worth even more.
Buuuut...on the other hand,need to raise some $ to take care of some things.
Figured id'e throw them on here and let the Homies get first chance on them,instead of some forum board.
make me an offer. you guy's got my email addy.
Some of these mag's aren't around anymore. They are all "little pages" magazines.

Hop up: #3
Hot rods annual: #1
Burnout Magazine: #18
Intake Magazine: #1
WCC Magazine: #1
Rolls & Pleats: #1,2,8,11,12,13
Magneto Magazine: # 4,,5,6,7