Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Buddy Jason's life long dream......

just came true!
Jason went to a swapmeet this weekend in Canada to sell parts and make some cash.
What he didn't know is that he would find the motor he has been longing for his whole life.
A late arrival of a vendor around 8 pm on friday night pulled into the swap grounds.
Jason just so happened to be there when he did. After a little haggling and the seller being stubborn, Jason walked away with his dream motor.

The motor (47FL) sat under a bench in a guys shop that died 2 years ago,for 40+ years.
it was pulled way back in the day to put a pan motor in the bike instead (who knows why).

i just got off the phone with J,and let me tell you that he has got to be one of the happiest people i have talked too in a long time.
Jason is an all around great guy that will bend over backwards for anyone who appreciates it, and damn well deserving of his new old knucklehead.
congrats man,i am so fucking happy for you.
Rock on!