Sunday, August 16, 2009

this takes me back...way way back


Eric ruled!

i miss Gilman Street.


MUERTE H.C. said...

No Thanks :
Deliberately put your head in a mindless state
Say without the crutch you can't relate
Intoxicated you do stupid things
Things you don't mean things you wished could be changed
Drink it down say it's for the best
Bottle in the hand just like all the rest
Still you do it when you know it's wrong
But it's what's accepted so you feel strong

Tell me, is it really worth it
Fuck it, to turn your brain to shit
My advice, why don`t you stop and think
Please man, it's ok not to drink

If drinking's what it take to be accepted
I'd rather stay aware and be rejected
I know what it takes to keep my head on straight
Putting shit in my mind and body is not the way
I don't need the drugs, I don't need a crutch
My mind is all I'll ever need to stay in touch
You can laugh but you'll get yours
Reason an excuse for your pressure

Finally , you understand
Drinking doesn't make you a man
Not me, I know what's smart
In touch, I'll always be alert

Waiting do you feel better, does it make you
Feel good when you drink
Now you laugh and today your happy but
It's not as funny as you think
You can do it now and still enjoy it,
The people that care are all still here
But one day when you're laughing, you'll
Turn around and no one will be standing there

Staring beyond for what it' worth
Looking into faces where I see hurt
As the grain goes in you start to change
Searching for excuse and discovering pain
It's time you open your eyes and let reality through
Fight the bitter wind that has bitten you
A clear mind is all you'll ever need
For those are none as blind as those who will not see

Chico said...

you got it Brother Roman!

i used to hangoput with those dudes when i was pretty young.
when i found those photos,it took me back to a ton of memories i had forgotten about.
feeling nostalgic today for sure.

Craze! said...

Holy shit! Was that the 88 tour? I was on that one if so... We played Gilman at least a couple times a year back then... stinky ass s.e. boys rule!