Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hey Vancouver BC peeps!

"hardluck" Brad is coming up to your country in about a week,where he is meeting up with his OL.

he doesn't know anyone up there,so if anyone wants to make a new dirtball friend,drop me an email with your phone number or email addy.
Brad is good people. homeboy is from Louisvile,KY.
he's been traveling on his bike for over a month now,visiting friends all over the states.

he just left Oakland, and is making his way up to Portland,OR right now. he's gonna camp out there for a couple days and hang at Burnside.
he'll be stopping off here for a couple days,then headed across the border.

check out his blog.


dave herr said...

brad is from louisville and yes he is a dirtball.....