Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i love it when i find skateparks in the back of a dept. store....

and know one really knows it's there.
that equals FuN.

ribs finally healed up from my switch crooked nose grind-to-rib plant on a ledge,so i went back to this place.
2nd time iv'e skated it.
the street course is really tight,but the mini half is a rightgeous time.

i hit the 9 1/2 foot mark.
not bad for an old fart.

tried the door gap a handful fo times with no avail and barely NON-fucking myself up.
i'll get it next time.


Rivet said...

I think I would be able to hit the one foot mark, I'm such an old grom!

Looks like a good time chico!