Thursday, April 14, 2011

Raod Trip....and what a "trip" it was

My Friend Adam and i set out bright and early to head way up north to pick up a 69 Triumph Bonneville (matching numbers),weds morning.
After some awesome Mc D's breakfast and waking up a little we found ourselves headed towards Indy and stopped and said hi to some friends.

Adam wanted to stop in his home town to say to a couple of his friends there,and also show me an old motorcycle shop that had been out of commision for decades.

As we got to the old building,it turns out it used to be an old Indian Motorcycle shop (Carters). The sign on the front was unbelievable and i wanted it bad. As we were standing outside gawking at it,a lady pulled up and i waved her down.
I asked her who own it and if was possibly for sale.
She said it was her grandpa's and she would give him a call.
She said to go on over a couple roads or whatever and that he would be there waiting for us.
This is where things get really neat and tripped out.
We pull in and we are at James Dean's House and property where he grew up and where his whole family grew up.
An old man comes out and lets us in to this huge barn/building.
It was unreal. the photos,cars,memorabillia,and the ORIGINAL Indian sign hanging on the wall.
i didnt take to many photos just out of respect. But i have to tell you....hanging out with James Dean's cousin,being let into the building,and being on that property was a real TRIP for me.
a great time and a good man.
I'm sure Adam and i will be visiting in a few months again...besides...i gotta go back for the sign. :)....What a trip.

and we stuffed a 69 bonni into a 2001 chevy impala. hahaha!


Time To Fly said...

Sounds like one hell of a good time! Did get a video of you guys getting that bike in the car? That had to be a hoot!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gonna have to try that with the Boss Lady's chevy. I'm sure she'll love it.