Saturday, April 9, 2011

Scored a slabside shovel today

super stoked!
im hoping the build time and cost will be in my favor.


Time To Fly said...

Very cool! Congrats!!

luke said...

asshole. you had me all stoked for ya. mini chopper.

Chico said...

hahaha! im sorry holmes.
you can still be stoked for me.
it's a bitchin old chopper model im putting together.

Doc said...

yer ghey. so are tiny shovels.



oh wait xoxo's are kinda gay too...

Time To Fly said...

Damn man I was for you!!

Chico said...

it's just bro love Doc.
i love you too.
big kisses,little hugs,big hugs,little kisses.

Time To Fly:
i appreciate that you were all for me,but i am happy with my "little" motor.
gives me something to do while i wait for my chop to be done.

Time To Fly said...

Sounds good man, enjoy!

Greaser Mike said...

AWESOME SCORE! You deserve it!