Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gas Tank Identification Help

Trying to figure out what kind of tank this is. IE: who made it.
it hasn't arrived yet,but if i can figure out the company who made it,i can figure out what petcocks i need to get early this week.
my buddy said there is a faint reminence of a stamp on the underside of the rear mounting tab. GME???
if anyone has one of these,let me know what kind of petcock they take.


Chico said...

figured it out.
Thanks Rudy.

I_am_10_ninjas said...


Chico said...

haha!. the tank,i still don't know.
but it takes 1/4 NPT petcocks.

"LOUIE" said...

looks to be a GME. Nice tank.

Chico said...

thanks man.
i was thinking the same,but weren't the GME's usually stamped on the bottom somewhere??

...and please stop sending me emails with pictures that make me want to cry..IE: Bates,parts we'll never see again,etc.

"LOUIE" said...

lol..ok, I'll try to control myself. I had two a while back and yes they were stamped on the bottom. Mine were stamped on the tongue mount.

Vilmino said...

It's a Santee. but other brands did that kind of friscoed sporty tank.
GME is always stamped.
there were with the hole direction in line with the tunnel or crossing line with tunnel.
if you need scans just let me know.

cheers from Italy.

Chico said...

right on man,thanks for the info.
drive over from Italy and have a beer. haha!

chris L said...

yup santee for sure i got a few of them