Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bongo Party

Even though i feel like ass and need to go the Hosp. tomorrow,i couldnt resist putting some of the chop together.
Rob,Luke,Brandon,Marco,Dustin,Jeremy. Muchos gracias vato's
gettin real close for final tear down.

time to rest now.
anyone got a pair of pliers i can borrow to pull a tooth with?


Unknown said...

Love you. Now if I could only find a decent oil bag for my shovel I'd be done too!

luke said...

charp trumpet holmes

~THE REAL WAY!~ said...

sweeet mock up man looks like you could really use a seat
P.S. look under your pillow I think the tooth fairy brought you something

~THE REAL WAY!~ said...

btw sweet bongos Hombre!!