Friday, July 27, 2012

FS: OEM Panhead Wishbone Frame

up for sale is my Panhead wishbone frame. it is OEM.
everything is there and in extremely good shape,except for the side car loops and the jiffy stand loops on the rear. this frame is extremely nice and looks very very straight. the bottom of the rails are not beat up (if someone wants photos of the bottom side of the rails PM me,i have no problem showing them)
the neck has been smoothed over but not cut. i am 99.9% sure of this. it was the trend to smooth them to make them look cooler i guess. stock rake.
2K plus shipping takes it.
i may trade a little money off for old chopper parts or old triumph chopper parts.
im firm on the price. most of the money will be going to my better half's father who was just diagnosed with a very rare form of brain cancer and they arent rich,so please dont low ball me. i'd rather keep it then sell it for penny's.

any questions,please feel free to email me.


Fatass said...

My condolences to your girl's family/father, and wish for him a speedy recovery.

Chico said...

thanks my friend.
she and i appreciate that.
hard to sell this,but its the right thing to do. i can always pick up a paughco frame later for the motor.

Basket-Case said...

ah man what a bummer dude...i hope you get every penny for it!

Basket-Case said...

i was hoping you would be rocking that frame!!!But Family first!