Tuesday, June 16, 2009


this 1947 mild bobber will be headed to Dixon,CA this coming weekend to the swapmeet for sale

asking price is$15K, with clear title.
it is a driver,but has a small oil leak.in the photo,it has been sitting awhile. that leak is not overnight.
frame has not been cut.
i believe it's OG frame,springer(chromed),motor,trans,ETC.
Steve White will be the one to talk to about it.

this bike is beautiful and a piece of history.
someone is going to be very happy with it.


Anonymous said...

dang man... been a week or so since I was here. And BAM, look at all these sweet bikes that have shown up. Nice.

Chico said...

glad your diggin it man.
i appreciate it.

Chico D.