Wednesday, June 17, 2009

want to trade..

NOS "Chicago Motorcycle Supply" swirled grips.
for Flanders bars,early panhead,springer bars,etc.

olive green with black swirls.
never been ran and are in perfect shape.100% perfect.
these are very rare.
i have never seen another pair like them.
one pic is with the flash and one is not.
the flash makes them look very light. they are not.

i want to trade them for an old pogo seat for a knuck or panhead.

i don't care if the seat has some damage,as long as i can bolt it on.

i am not interested in selling these. just trade

let me know whatcha got.


Craze! said...

I got a bitchin set of pink ones... just gotta find some bars worth puttin em on!

Chico said...